Sustainable starter Kits

Sustainable Starter Kits have been developed  to  assist any household that wants to reduce the amount of waste they create.

If you are a family or individual who wants to significantly lower your household's waste output but don't have the time or money to get started, Green Goals is here to help! Send us a message and we can work with you to get your journey going easily.  We have a variety of resources available to help you reach our community's eco goals.

Green Goals has partnered up with a variety of sustainably minded businesses and community groups to make the 2019 project possible.  Below, you can see how much of a community effort this has been.

Items found in Each of Our Sustainable Starter Kits

Strawhopper Straws


Strawhopper has generously donated straws for our 2019 goal of bringing sustainable starter kits to 10 families in the Halton Region.

You can also purchase your own set from us knowing that the proceeds will go towards making these kits relevant to the needs of a typical household.


Waxology Wax Wraps


Nikki, For Waxology will give each household a package of reusable wax wraps. These can replace your dependence on plastic wrap and single use plastic baggies. Nikki sells her wraps at weekend markets and online.  Be sure to visit her website. 


Kind Matter Company


As Milton's first brick and mortar low waste store,  Laura (the owner) has hooked us up with reusable bags for the kits. These bags can be used for produce and dry good bulk purchases. 

Check out their store in Carriage Square in Milton. There are so many useful products to help transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Kind Matter Co.

Repurposed Glass Jars


Glass Jars are essential to any low waste kitchen.  Just ask anyone who has already bought in to it.  When you save your pasta, pickle, olive and beet jars, you can reuse them to hold your bulk good purchases. things like oatmeal, sugar, coffee, pasta, tea, nuts, beans and snacks can be stored over and over again in these jars.

Drawstring bags


We are making a set of cotton drawstring bags for each household.  households that start their low waste habits should have a minimum of 10 drawstring bags to start.  When you think about it, you need one bag for each vegetable purchase you make for each shopping trip. (Things like apples, carrots, citrus and potatoes don't really need to be in bags).


I am looking for families in Milton who would like to receive this starter kit. See the requirements for qualification for this program:

You need to:

-Feel too short on time or resources to get started on your own

-Be willing to read and follow the low waste lifestyle suggestions provided in the brochure

-Understand that this isn't a perfect solution but a way to get started on this important transition


Apply Here or Nominate Someone You Know!

In the message box below, Explain why you want a kit for your household. I Can't wait to hear from you!

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