Single Use Plastic Straws Suck

Single use plastic straws cause an incredible amount of damage to ocean wildlife.  For those who haven't seen the horrific video of the sea turtle with a lodged straw in his nose, click on the link below to learn more about an organization that has made it their mission to stop single use plastic straws from threatening our water systems.



About Strawhopper

Strawhopper is a Canadian Company that is focused on supporting a circular economy model by providing the public with straws that are fully reusable and recyclable.  They offer a lifetime guarantee to anyone who purchases these straws.  If it breaks, contact them and they will return them.

We are proud to be working in collaboration with Strawhopper this year.  They have generously donated straws to fill my goal of ten sustainable starter kits.  I am also selling their products at our Repurposing Trading Post stands this summer (2019), so if you want your sustainable purchase to go beyond your own personal impact,  grab one from Green Goals.  All proceeds from these sales will go directly into the sustainable starter kit program.

Learn More

Strawhopper has an informative website that explains why they do what they do.  Check them out by visiting the link below