Reusable Drawstring Bags

How it works

Reusable drawstring bags can be used in a variety of ways. The most common and popular way to lower your waste with drawstring bags is to bring them to bulk food stores and refill them with your kitchen staples.  It really is surprising how many ingredients needed for your weekly meal plans can be found in bulk.  

Common items may include


-coffee (in a variety of flavours)




-protein powder


-baking supplies


-dried fruit


Make sure you tell the cashier at your local bulk store that you have reusable drawstring bags to use BEFORE you start filling up. Eco warriors who wash their reusable bags on a regular basis will have the best time navigating this lifestyle because store owners will appreciate your willingness to avoid cross contamination.  Just because you're refilling a bag with the same item, it doesn't mean that your bag is clean. The truth is that when you bring ANY outside food into the shop (even if you bought it there in the first place), you risk cross-contamination.  Keep your bags clean and when you establish a better relationship with your favourite shop, you can write the weight of the bags in black magic marker. That will save time in the long run. 

Grab your own set of bags

If you aren't into the DIY projects, you can get reusable drawstring bags around Milton. Oh, Look, Fabric, The Kind Matter Company, Bulk Barn are all locations to visit if you want to shop local.  Click on the link below to access these stores for prices.

Download Instructions to Sew Your own Drawstring Bag Below

Final Make Your Own Bag Instructions (pdf)