Vegan Oatmeal Pumpkin Chocolate Cup Cookies


These vegan chocolate chip cookies are amazing and very low waste when you shop for the ingredients in bulk. I highly recommend this recipe if you are looking for something a bit different from the basic chocolate chip cookie.

zero waste ingredients that you can easily find in bulk




-sea salt


-coconut sugar

-coconut oil


-chocolate chips

items that can be purchased in items in recyclable packaging

-pumpkin puree

items not always available in plastic free packaging



Vegan, and you can use the extra pumpkin puree to make homemade dog treats for your favourite fur baby



For new moms, some of the best things you can give them is food!  Be sure to shower her with love by making her something that she can enjoy and know that isn't going to be adding to the plastic pollution problem.

Zero waste ingredients



-baking powder

-flax seed

-almond butter


-chocolate chips


-brewers yeast

Hard to find ingredients in low waste or zero waste packaging




Why it is a good low waste recipe

Children are the people who will be dealing with climate change before anyone else.  Doesn't it feel good to know that you are making a new mom's life a bit easier to manage while not contributing to plastic pollution?

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