Low Waste Gift Giving

Green Seal Businesses

Every shop listed below has supported the Green Goals projects of 2019. They also have made steps to make their own business environmentally conscious in a way that compliments their brand .  Check out some of the  environmentally conscious services and products that they currently sell, as well as ways that they are reducing single use waste at point of sale with you.  There are some pretty cool gifts to choose from for that person who is looking for a more sustainable way to live, and if you have been speaking up for more eco conscious options in town, this page is for you.

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The Green Eatery

Petroleum free single use packaging


This is the only vegan, gluten free restaurant in Milton and it is located in the heart of downtown. One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to eat a plant based diet.  Want to learn more about that? click on the link below

Bring your own container!


The Green Eatery will happily accept your reusable Tupperware, coffee cups and water bottles when you place your order.  Think of all that single use plastic crap you are saving from the landfill and oceans.  

Give a gift certificate


Give a gift certificate to the Green Eatery and show your friend how delicious a plant based diet can be. Not ready to jump in 100%?  No worries, lots of us are there with you.  Try eating plant based once, or twice a week to start. Every little effort is helping everyone out.

Cup of Love

Kick that single use coffee cup habit


Cup of Love is located in the Milton Mall, and they are happy to use your reusable container when you grab a cup of your daily caffeine fix.

Give a gift certificate


Shopping local for coffee is also an amazing way to help your community flourish.  Give your teacher or family friend a gift certificate somewhere unique  like Cup of Love.

Plant based single use containers


Cup of Love is all about providing plant based single use containers.  They go the extra mile to make their shop as low waste as possible.  Their stir sticks are even made out of pasta.  How unique is that?

Kind Matter Company

Collapsible Coffee Cups


I love keeping this handy cup in my purse at all times because it collapses into a small disk.  I recently went into Tim Hortons and the lovely cashier told me that it was a size small cup.  The best way to use this gem is to wash it as soon as you are done with it and pop it back in your purse or man bag for next time.  Many Tim Hortons drive throughs will refill your reusable mug, so as long as it's not a busy line up, there shouldn't be any problems with joining the reuse culture on the go.

Scroll back up to see which restaurants and coffee shops proudly advertise that they support this environmentally friendly  lifestyle choice by posting a Green Goals seal on their front door. 

Gift Certificates


You really can't go wrong with a Kind Matter gift certificate.  This option allows your recipient the change to explore low waste options at their own pace.  They can start with a drawstring bag for grocery shopping, or jump right in with refilling their bathroom essentials as their New Years resolution.

Reusable Cotton Tea Bags


Loose leaf tea can be composted best on it's own, so Kind Matter Company carries reusable cotton tea bags.  It's perfect for that tea lover in your life.

Cate and Co.

Ian McMasterpiece Charcurie Borads


Ian has been creating charcuterie boards for a while now and they are just beautiful.  Each design is different, so you know you are getting something one of a kind.

Local Honey


Bees are so vital for humans and lucky for us, they make delicious honey.  Did you know that eating honey that is local is great for us? It exposes us to the environmental factors of our region.  So there your have it.  here is another reason to take a drive to Campbellville for some Christmas gifts that are good for you.

Pretty much everything is repurposed and beautiful


If you know someone who likes to have one of a kind pieces for their home, take a look at Cate and Co's decor items.  From repurposed cups turned into candles to old furniture turned new,  you will be impressed with it all.  

Waxology Wax Wraps

Milton Local Wax Wraps


Waxology is a Milton Ontario company that sells wax wraps.  This Mom has made it her mission to spread the wax wrap message around town. She is a true eco warrior, and her wraps work great. Wraps can be ordered online, delivered or picked up.  See link below for more options.

Matador Eyeworks

Dick Moby


Dick Moby uses oil free and recycled materials to create beautiful and eco friendly items.  This company focuses on improving the ocean's ecosystems, so be sure to check out why they are doing their part to promote the circular economy model.

Eco Conscious Sunglasses and Eyewear


If you have someone on your shopping list who loves sunglasses, you must consider a piece from Matador.  This store thinks long and hard about selecting quality eyewear that is classic, stylish and eco friendly.  This store makes me wish I needed glasses.



From working on cleaning up beaches, studying sharks, collecting stray ocean nets to working of reducing plastic crap from the waters, Costa is an amazing brand to get behind. Available at Matador Eyeworks.

Lala Soap

Refill Deodorant


This is my favourite item in the shop because it works so well for me.  There are 3 different types of refill deodorant, and one baking soda free recipe.  Think of how many plastic deodorant containers you have already gone through and then realize that 11% of all plastic recyclables actually get recycled.  Is that enough of a reason to throw one of these bad boys in as a stocking stuffer?  I though so.

A Gift certificate for a workshop or low waste product


This place is the ultimate DIY bathroom item shop.  Learn how to make bath bombs, common skin care products or learn about essential oils.  Do you know someone with sensitive skin?  Introduce them to Lala Soap by giving them a gift certificate.  I'm positive they will love the low waste soaps, toothpastes and DIY workshops.

Lump of Coal Bath Fizzies


Need a gag gift that won't end up in the garbage after New Years?  Lala recently made a funky lump of coal bath bomb.  Teach them a lesson and make them smell nice at the same time.

Oh, Look, Fabric!

Drawstring Bags in Multiple Sizes


Most people are clueing into the realization that drawstring bags are a major part of reducing our single use plastic bag habit.  It's not just reusable grocery bags that we need to bring to the store at every visit.  We need produce and bulk food bags that can be used over and over again.  These bags come in multiple sizes, and that makes shopping easier.  smaller bags can be used to carry spices, tea, herbs and other small items.  larger bags will hold things like produce, oatmeal and flour.  Just remember to wash them between shopping trips.  No one wants cross contamination.

Give the gift of Sewing Skills


Whether you opt to give a gift certificate, or just sign you and your favourite buddy up for your next fun workshop together, this is a great place to go for eco conscious skill building.  Learning how to sew has never been so valuable.  Whether you are sewing your own drawstring bags, mending up some clothes or creating your first fabric wrapping piece, Andria will help you become more confident with the sewing machine.  Trust me. If you have an eco minded tween or teen, these workshops are for them.

Eye makeup remover pads


I like to keep two baskets in my bathroom. One is for the clean eye makeup remover pads and the other holds the dirty ones until your next laundry day.  Eye makeup remover pads are great for virtually every cotton pad use, except nail polish removal. 

Waste Not, Want Not

Turn a pre loved item into a teddy bear


This is pretty cool. If you have a blanket, shirt or sweater that was part of your childhood memories and you can't bring yourself to part with it, consider turning it into a teddy bear. This gift is for the sentimental softie in all of us. My aunt once turned my late grandmother's sweater into a pillow and it has stayed close to me over the years.

Gift a Low waste Consultation


Do you know someone who wants to live low waste, but doesn't know where to start?  Heather spends time with you to review your lifestyle habits and look for ways to cut the unnecessary waste. Think of it like a fitness assessment, but this time the rest of the world will benefit your lifestyle changes too.

The Womb (World of My Baby) Milton

Gift Certificate Memberships


The Womb works hard to make your visit comfortable.  Gifting a WOMB membership to a new mom means that she gets workshops, child minding during appointments, and an inviting space to rest.  It's a great space to meet new friends and learn in a non judgemental space.  In the new chapter of motherhood, the gift of community is so wonderful for any new mother.

Local products


Visit their shop and find an item for any new or second time mother. Many products are locally sourced, and as low packaged as possible.

BCorp Products


A Lucky Iron Fish is perfect for any mother who needs more iron in their diet.  When you purchase one, another one gets sent to another household in need.

Solful Organics


Soulful is a local skincare company that sells skin products and low waste soap and bath bombs. This company works hard at keeping a low waste business model.  Be sure to check out their men's line for Dad's stocking.

Aspasia's Spa, Campbellville, Ontario

Elate Cosmetics


For the makeup lover in your life, Aspasia's Spa is the only shop near the Milton area that sells Elate Cosmetics.  This brand is not only Canadian based (British Columbia), but all of their makeup products are made with the environment and ethical business practices in mind.  She has special open hours during the month of December: Tuesdays 5:30-8:00pm and Saturday December 7, 14th and 21st from 9:30am-12:30pm. 87 Main Street ,Campbellville.

Eminence skin Care


Aspasia has educated us to know this about Eminence:

-Organic products made in Hungary

-Community gives back (trees and kids programs)

-over 13 million trees have been planted worldwide

-It is a Green Company

Want to learn more about this brand?  Visit Aspasia's Spa.

Enhance Massage and Spa Bronte Street, Milton, Ontario

Eminence Skincare


Also selling Eminence, but this time in Milton, many products are just a treat to receive.  If your favourite spa lover loves taking in the natural smells, consider gifting them an all organic Eminence facial. I gave my mother in law an Enhance facial here and she couldn't stop talking about it for weeks.

ABC Creations Parties

Give the coolest party for your child or neice/nephew


How many January kids feel like their birthday's get overlooked because it's so close to Christmas?  Plan a birthday party that is cool, exciting and made up of all reused items.  Why pay for party supplies that will just end up in the trash?  Hire a professional and have a party that the kids will be talking about for years. I wish this was around when I was a kid.

The Preserve Cleaning

Detail your services


I would be ecstatic if I got a free home cleaning package for Christmas, or for post holiday celebrations.  The best part is that this company uses chemical free options when they clean, so this is a fantastic option for young families.

They Take your used batteries when they clean!


This is a pretty unique feature that this company offers their clients.  Everyone knows that batteries can't go in the normal garbage, but it can be a pain holding on to them until you head to the waste management site.  Leave your old batteries on your kitchen table and they will dispose of them for you.  What a great service to help declutter your house!