Low Waste Classroom Hacks

Check out the ideas below to start a low waste classroom for your students.


Encourage Waste Free Lunches

This is the easiest way to reduce the waste that goes into the classroom garbage.  Remind your students on a daily basis what trash is recyclable and what can be composted.  

Invest in a Classroom Cutlery Set

Only attempt if you have a classroom sink!

Each classroom needs a set of cutlery available for a variety of reasons.  It makes lunch time easier for everyone because there is always someone who forgot one for their lunch. Plus, with all the food related events that could take place, why not have a set for your entire class that can be cleaned and reused?  

My class set is made of the following materials:

1) a set of forks and spoons for each child

2) a basket for clean cloths, and a basket for dirty cloths

3) a cleaning station that has eco friendly soap, and a drying rack

4) an eco warrior helper in the weekly helper chart who is responsible for cleaning all cutlery after lunch or last recess and in the morning, they put the clean cutlery in the clean bin

This works best if you have a bunch of cloths that can go in a basket.  Take dirty cloths home with you on weekends, or when you are doing your laundry at home.  When you bring them back, your eco warrior of the week can fold them and put them back in the clean cloth basket.