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Low Waste Bathroom Hacks

Eye Makeup Remover Pads


One of the easiest ways to reduce your bathroom waste is to purchase reusable cotton pads. All you need is two small baskets. One basket can be used for clean wipes, while the other basket can hold your dirty cloths until your next laundry day.  Dirty wipes can be thrown into your wash and they come out clean for your next beauty regime moment. 


In Milton, you can purchase reusable cotton pads from The Kind Matter Company, Oh, Look Fabric and Max&Zia Pop Up Shop.  Check out our sustainable shopping page for store directory.

Sea Foam Sponges


Sea foam sponges are an option for cutting back on those plastic loofahs that end up in the landfill. These underwater animals grow on the sea floor and will help keep you clean for a period of six months to a year. They do biodegrade over time, and can be thrown in the compost once you are done with them.

Another way to keep yourself clean without using plastic loofahs is to put your soap into. a mesh bag and hang it up to dry between uses.  I have kept my African black soap from Solful Organics and it works just as well as a loofah.  


Sustainable Milton


In 2020, Green Goals began a new chapter with Sustainable Milton by joining together to emulate the true purpose of the Green Goals seals program.  Together, we are able to develop the true essence of community by working together to share and celebrate local businesses that want sustainable business practices to be the norm.  We are proud to be expanding our bubble.


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