We have collected enough jars for our 2019 goal!  Thank you to everyone who helped us gather these jars for more sustainable homes.


Jar Drive

A Sustainable Initiative to Support People Who Want to Start a Low Waste lifestyle

Why do we do this?

Using reusable jars is a viable way to reduce your own plastic use.  People can take their jars to places like the Bulk Barn and stock up on everyday food and household items, or bring their purchases back in reusable cloth bags. This program is in place for people who want to get started on this important transition to living a low waste lifestyle.

How does it work?

Participating locations place the information poster on a box and put it in a location that is convenient, but not likely to fall and break.  You and your friends add your empty (cleaned)  jars to the box. 


  • Pasta jars
  • Sauce bottles
  • Pizza sauce jars
  • Flavoured soda bottles
  • Pickle and olive jars
  • Big protein powder tubs (plastic ones)

Email, instagram message, or call us and we will pick it up within 2 days from contacting us.

Once we have collected enough for a set, we will be giving it away within the community using our instagram platform.

Why a Sustainability Drive?

One of the biggest barriers to living more sustainably is that many people don’t have the time or money  to get started.  Many sustainable steps require a financial investment in order to start seeing the benefits of living a low lifestyle. This program has been developed to help people who are wanting to get started, but lack the time, resources or awareness of how to make a day to day impact that feels significant.

Email me for Information

Request further information on how to start your own Low waste community program by sending me a message

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Working in the Halton, Wellington and Mississauga Regions

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