For Businesses Who Want to Reduce Their Plastic Waste

An honour audit Program

Green goals has developed a collection of posters that can be used digitally or in hard copy format to let your customers know what sustainable lifestyle choices you are supporting. Each poster allows you to communicate to your customer that you support the practice of accepting reusable food containers, coffee mugs, cutlery or bottles at time of each business transaction.  If you use plant-based takeaway containers,  you can also tell your customers this as well! If you don't, just don't put that poster qualifier up. You decide what standard you want to keep for yourself.

No one from Green Goals will be coming to your business to fill out any checklists or certification paperwork. There is no auditing process because your customers are the auditors.  If they see you are not complying to your own low waste commitments,  they will let the public know themselves via social media and word of mouth. It is the honour system at it's best.

This program gives you the freedom to implement your own strategies to address the current climate crisis at the store front level at a realistic pace that works best for your business model. There is currently no expectation for you to immediately comply to all of the suggested strategies to reduce your business's waste output. However, there are a lot of indications given by public demand and proposed government legislation that many of these commitments will be required in the foreseeable future. Why not be ahead of that climate eight ball?  

By purchasing this product, you will receive all digital copies of each standard. Having access to all of the poster options from day one, allows you to update the public of your progress without the hassle of completing any more documentation with Green Goals.  You can put your preferred poster in a convenient location in your store, and update your progress using social media. Green Goals will share your environmental commitment to the community using our social media accounts as well, so people who are sustainably focused will want to buy products and services from you.

There is an undeniable growing movement of citizens who want to reduce their own individual plastic waste consumption.  This package allows you to meet your customers demands without threatening your livelihood. Show the world that they can vote with their dollar by shopping at your store because you are also wanting a greener community.


Requirements to Purchase Green Goals Seal

Green goals requires that you agree not to use styrofoam packaging at all. Styrofoam can't be recycled at all, so having it part of your inventory is pretty much saying that you don't understand the need to get pointless packaging out of the landfills.  

A Green Goals decal must be seen at the door/front window or by the cash register. Accompanying qualifier poster can be posted with it, or shared to your followers over social media so they are aware of what you are committing to.


The profits from this purchase goes towards Green Goal's sustainable starter kit initiative to offer households who cannot afford to get started on their low waste journey on their own the tools to get started.  By purchasing this package, you are directly helping the people around you solve our current climate crisis.

Standard Requirements



Store owners must commit to not selling anything to customers in styrofoam containers.  Styrofoam is literally garbage that can only go to the landfill.



Store owners must commit to not selling anything to customers in styrofoam containers.  Styrofoam is literally garbage that can only go to the landfill.



Store owners must commit to not selling anything to customers in styrofoam containers.  Styrofoam is literally garbage that can only go to the landfill.





To receive a hard copy of these images,  you will be charged the cost of the printing only. A $20 flat fee will be added to the cost.  All profits made from this program will be used to fund our low income sustainable starter kits.

You will also receive a digital copy of your standard of choice. or the "Bring Your Own Container" Poster. We will help promote your low waste efforts on our social media sites.

Green Goaks will hand deliver your kit in Halton Region

Window Decals available in 5x5 or 8x8 sizes at production cost.

Paper copies provided free of charge..

Gold Standard Proud Businesses


The Green Eatery

20 Martin Street, Milton, ON  L9T 2P9

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

Anne-Marie Bonneau @ZeroWasteChef

Sponsorship Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in green goals.

Working collaboratively is one of the cornerstones of this community work. We are currently looking for businesses and organizations who want to help make sustainable living options available to citizens of lower income levels.

Please call or email us if you would like to be part of this important transition towards building a more sustainable community.

Sponsorship options

-straight donation to the sustainable starter kits

-offer a discount code for the recipients of the sustainable starter kits

-purchase a seal that represents your commitment to promoting a sustainable culture in the community with a donation for our project

-provide a drop off location at your place of business and share our message with the community