Green Goals Seals

What are they?

Every business listed below posts a seal on their door to take a stand to find ways to limit the amount of garbage they produce at each point of sale they make. From choosing ecologically conscious products to encouraging guests to bring their own pre cleaned container, you can see where the change is being made by these Green Goals businesses.


Now a real brick and mortar store located the Carriage Square on Main and Commercial in Milton!  Laura is working hard to bring products to you that will help your low waste living lifestyle.

Fashion and Specialty Stores Milton And Surrounding Area

Madator Eyewear


If you wear glasses and care about sustainable eyewear, this is your store to bring your prescription to. From Dick Moby, ic! berlin to Costa sunglasses, Zeena and Mark are always searching for high quality shades that are environmentally friendly and ethical.  Mark is also proud to sell slow fashion products that will last for generations.

Plus, If you subscribe to the refillable product culture (part of the circular economy model), look no further for glass cleaning solution! They now sell refillable glass cleaning solution that is alcohol-free, solvent-free, scent-free, hypoallergenic, no VOCs, and is 100% biodegradable. Amazing news for sustainably minded Miltonians!

Lower Waste Parties



ABC2Creations offers slumber party tent events for children and youth.  All materials are used at the event and reused again for the next celebration. Its a great way to turn your house into a fun party hot spot while not creating single use plastics, balloons and streamer garbage. 

Spas and Beauty Products

Enhance Spa and Massage


Enhance has been working on ways to keep their spa services as low waste as possible. From stocking their shelves with organic and nationally local skin care products and serving beverages in glassware, this place is always thinking about reducing the plastics that they use in their business.

Lala Soap and Massage


Nestled on the quiet street of Charles Street in downtown Milton, Lala Soap  offers a variety of ways to live a low waste lifestyle.  You can refill your glass pot of all natural deodorant, or pick up ingredients to make your own DIY beauty project.  Lala Soap also has a registered massage therapy office in the building.

Aspasia Spa


Located in Campbelville, Ontario, You can get Emminence Skin Care Products, and Elate Cosmetics. Aspasia is the only shop in the Milton area that sells Elate Cosmetics.

Low Waste DIY and Hobby Shops

Oh, Look Fabric!


If you haven't noticed already, the sewing culture has a huge role to play in a low waste lifestyle.  Replace your plastic produce and bull food bags with draw string bags.  Andria sells other low waste products like wax wraps, makeup remover pads and reusable cloth bags.  For sewing supplies, be sure to check out this down town Milton gem.

Cate and Co Designs


Cate and Co Designs offers eco friendly paint for house DIY projects, creates beautiful re purposed vintage pieces (furniture, home decor and low waste products).  Click on their website below or visit our upcoming events calendar to find out what their next DIY project workshop is!

Low Waste Pop Up Shopping

Max and Zia

Lindsay is approachable and helpful in your journey to starting a low waste diapering program for your little one.

Solful Organics

Soulful Organics is a Milton Ontario Company that sells local skin care products and package free African Black Soap.  You can pick up these products online, or at The Kind Matter Company or The WOMB

Low Waste Living Consultants

Waste Not Want Not


Waste Not Want Not is a business focused on helping you reduce your household waste.  They also sell a variety of up cycled items.  Best of all, you can give them your old blanket or shirt and they will turn it into a keepsake stuffed animal.

Low Waste Services

The preserve Cleaning


A house cleaning service that uses natural cleaning solutions.

Sustainably Minded Events

Sustainable Diapering

Join Lindsay as she helps you navigate through the experience of reusable diapering.  She is a perfect resource for any new moms who want to limit the amount of plastic waste that will be left to their children.

Awaken The Elements Retreats

Awaken Retreats is a weekend retreat that offers participants opportunities to find inner awareness and peace while exploring their relationship with the Earth around them.  Click on the link below to find out when the next retreat will take place!

Green Goals Seal Locations

Building a sustainable community takes like minded friends to make this site possible. Thank you to everyone who continues to support Green Goal's projects.

Online Low Waste Solutions Not Listed on the Map



A slumber party rental program that allows guests to sleep in tents and enjoy a camp out feel.

email them at for more information or visit their instagram page by clicking the link below.

Waste Not, Want Not


Waste Not Want Not is a local business offering Green Living Consulting in a friendly, judgement-free setting. The owner, Heather, also sells handmade, upcycled products. If you have clothing, linens, or other items that have sentimental value but that you don't know what to do with, talk to Heather about custom upcycled projects to give your belongings new life!

Soulful Skincare


Solful Skincare offers low waste bathroom products for people who want to cut back on the chemicals they bring in their homes.  Solful can be purchased online, or at The WOMB, or The Kind Matter Company. Both shops are Green Goals community shops and can be found on the map or on the Low Waste Shopping page of this website.

The Preserve Cleaning


An all natural home cleaning service.

Reusable bag options

Click on the link below to read an article on where to get reusable produce bags.