Repurposed Crayons

Additional Information

This activity was more time consuming that I thought it would be.  I didn’t realise that most crayons come wrapped in paper that is often glued to the wax.  So, for about 2 evenings of movie watching, I used a metal pick to help me peel off the paper wrapping from the crayons.  Once they were all unwrapped, I chopped them all up.  Chopping them up took about 2 hours from start to finish.

Silicone molds that are the shape of crayons are more expensive that ice molds.  So, I used long stick ice molds that were much cheaper and got the same result.


  • Old, broken crayons that kids don’t use anymore
  • A metal pick, or knife to help peel the labels off of the crayons 
  • A big knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Individual containers for the different colours you will find in the pile
  • Silicone molds in the shape that you want.  


  1. First, take all the labels off of the old crayons.  (Watch some TV while you do this, it gets boring after a while).
  2. Next, sort the crayons by colour if you want to keep them colour coded.
  3. Use a cutting board and a knife to chop up the crayons.  You can put a bunch of crayons on the cutting board at once and chop them together. Then put them back, according to how you sorted them.
  4. Then, fill the molds with the colours you want
  5. You will want to set the oven to 185 degrees.  It doesn’t have to get all that hot.  Put the crayons into the oven for ________ minutes.
  6. When you take the crayons out, let it sit for at least an hour.  
  7. Pop them out of the molds and let your children create their next colourful masterpiece!