for Teachers

These online resources are available for teachers. Some are pretty well known while others may be news to you. Happy Planning!


Ontario Eco Schools

Connecting you child school to sustainable projects

 Eco Schools is a province wide Certification program for schools across Ontario.  The teacher in charge is the facilitator of the year long program. Through the year, the teacher demonstrates accountability by recording and submitting the process of goal setting and implementation of sustainably focused programs and events implemented through the school.

There are currently 1900 certified ec schools in the province.  Is your school certified?

Resources for Rethinking

While reading through the March 2019 issue of Professionally Speaking,  I came across an article titled, Amp Up Your Eco-Education.  However, this site is not new for teachers.  This site is here to compliment when the UN declared 2005-2014 as the "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development." 

There are a variety of links that connect the teacher to other resources that can be implemented in the classroom.  This site is full of resources.  Grab a cup of Joe, or tea and explore all the ways that the classroom can become more sustainable.


Planet Protectors

Planet Protectors is a unit plan developed by using engaging videos and interactive activities for junior classrooms (Grade 4-6).  There are 6 one hour lessons that address on major topic per hour.  Each topic develops the concepts of energy, water, green driving, active transportation, and a cumulative celebration.  

Some school boards have agreements with this program, so be sure to ask your administrator if you can access it through them.

If you teach in Guelph, ask your admin about accessing this account.


Ontario Active School Travel

Targeted to run this program around the month of April, Ontario Active School Travel works on promoting active and sustainable methods of travel to get around town.  It's not surprising that this organization has strong links between leading a healthy active lifestyle and living sustainably.  

We know that most children in Canada aren't getting enough physical exercise,. What better time of year to get outdoors and moving while also being mindful about the amount of carbon emissions that are emitted into the atmosphere because of cars and other petroleum powered vehicles.  

If you are an educator, this program compliments your Eco Schools application to help you reach platinum status.  So get out there with your bikes, skateboards. Your favourite puppy dog will thank you for it.


More Ideas

The Eco Hub is also an Ontario Website that has been created to help citizens source out eco friendly options.  Visit their site and see other ways that they are educating others.