Sustainable Starter Kits

Green Goals began with the first goal to help households access lower waste materials for their homes regardless of their income level.  With the help of the first Green Goals Seals business supporters, we were able to build a kit compiled of materials, and tips to lower anyone's overall waste consumption. Each kit was worth $200 and were donated to the Salvation Army, individuals and charity events.

Participating Stores:

-The Green Eatery

-The Kind Matter Company

-Matador Eyeworks

-Oh, Look, Fabric!

-Lala Soap


-Enhance Massage and Spa, Bronte Street

-ABC Birthday Parties Events

-Waxology Wax Wraps

-Strawhopper Glass Straws

-McMasterPiece Repurposed Wood

-Awaken the Elements Retreat

Green Goals Collaborative Projects

Diva Cup donation November 2019


In the Month of October 2019, women all over Milton were donating packages of menstrual products to send to women living in First Nations communities.  Thanks for the green Goals Community, two women will save up to 5 years of tampon expenses by receiving a Diva Cup.   

Participating Stores and individuals:

-Cate and Co Vintage Store

-Aspasia Spa

-Solful Skincare

-My Mom friends whom I met through THE WOMB's Emerging Mothers program