We are proud to be working with these amazing eco minded sponsors.


The Green Eatery

20 Martin St S, Milton, ON L9T 2P9

The Green Eatery is nestled in downtown Milton, steps away from the Mill Pond.  This gem offers delicious vegan friendly meals and snacks in a comfortable setting.  All take away, single serve plastics are made from compossible materials.  Maria, the current owner has mindfully made sure that any waste created by her guests has the shortest life in the waste management process.. 

The Green Eatery is a Gold Standard Green Goals Restaurant.  This means that they have voluntarily committed to only use plant based single use take away containers and will always accept your reusable containers when ordering products.

Check out our community events page for upcoming eco programs that will take place throughout 2019.

You can drop off your glass jars at the restaurant any time during business hours.


The World of my Baby

388 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1P8

The Womb is a wonderful spot for eco minded moms for a variety of reasons.  First, Lorri and Angie have low waste initiatives all over their business.  From using reusable cloths in the washroom to ensuring that their cleaning products are chemical free, they make every reasonable effort to reduce the plastic waste they create.  Second, They offer new moms a safe space to come through the day to relax and recharge, Did you know that one of the easiest ways to be a low waste mom is to breast feed (If you are able to, of course)? Many moms drop in the Womb to breast feed their babies when out around town. Having a community to drop by makes all the difference when trying to get daily errands completed while keeping your child well fed.

There are two Womb locations. One is in Milton and the other one is in Milton. For the moms who want to learn more about having a low waste household, The Womb offers sustainable parenting workshops. Join Lindsay as she guides you into the simple process of using reusable diapers. See below for upcoming workshop dates, or clink on the link to the right to connect to their website.