2019 Projects

Sustainable Living

Green Goals offers advice and suggestions on how to reduce your plastic waste.

Sustainable Starter Kit

Green Goals provides sustainable starter kits for low income households through collaboration with eco minded members of the community. 

Low Waste Products

We share our low waste experiences to help you navigate a low waste lifestyle in a way that is reasonable for you.

Business Collaborations

Milton is a community located west of Toronto in the GTA.  Green Goals has been working to uncover the store owners around town who are actively trying to reduce the amount of waste they produce.  We also showcase businesses that stock their shelves with eco conscious products. 

Restaurants can participate by allowing customers to bring their own containers.  If they want to get rid of petroleum based single use plastics, we have a Gold, Silver and Bronze level seal program that lets the public know about their level of commitment.  All of these seals are purchased on an honour audit after a consultation with us.  They are valid for the 2019 year.  All proceeds collected from these sales will go towards getting sustainable starter kits into households who needs support getting started.

For more information on what seals we offer, and how to get one, follow the link below.

Green goals Seals

Green Goals Seal Locations

Sustainable Starter Kits

Climate change is a real threat that is facing everyone around the globe. From Canada to Australia, people in every country are joining the movement to reduce their own carbon footprint. This includes cutting back the amount of plastic waste that we create on a day to day basis by giving up single use plastics.

With the help of others, we can all collectively lead the way in reducing our plastic footprint.

This site is dedicated to working within the community to learn and promote habits that keep our waste to a minimum while finding solutions to make low waste lifestyle accessible to the lower income community..

How You Can Help


Donate your glass jars

Drop off clean jars, with the labels off to any of the participating locations or upcoming events.

Jar Drive

Donate materials to make Drawstring Bags

We need to make or buy at least 200 draw string bags and 200 produce bags for our 2019 kits.  If you have extra thread, 100% cotton cloth or mesh fabric to donate,  please contact Green Goals.

Purchase a Seal for your store and sponsor the Program

If you want to promote a low waste lifestyle in your business front in a meaningful way, we offer seals that you can put in your store to let your customers know that you support the community going waste free. Check out your options by clicking on the link here..

Sponsorship opportunities

Reduce your Restaurant's petroleum plastic use

If you allow your customers to bring in their reusable containers (cups, mugs, takeaway containers) and use plant based take away containers, let the public know by putting a standard seal on your restaurant window. Click on the link below to see how your restaurant can promote a low waste lifestyle in your area.

Set the low waste Standard at your restaurant

Visit us at an upcoming Repurposing Trading Post this Summer

Green Gaols will have their Repurposing Trading Post stands at locations around Milton in the summer of 2019.  Click on the link below to see where we will be next.

Upcoming events

Contact Us

Volunteer with us, ask for tips on how to get your sustainable journey started, or just say hello!

Green Goals

Milton, Ontario, Canada

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