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Working within the community to lower our garbage consumption around town while planting sustainable living seeds along the way.


The Green Goal

Green Goals has been a small community project led by me, Ashley Raza (OCT).  I've been on maternity leave for the past year and I wanted to keep myself accountable as a low waste living junkie while sharing what I have learned along the way. What better way to do it than on social media and on an independently created website? 

Many people have told me that they couldn't start a low waste journey because it was too expensive to begin. So, I set out to find a way to make it more accessible. Most people slowly implement one low waste approach at a time  It can cost a lot to get started AND it takes up a lot of time to learn about low waste options. In today's world, many people aren't just house poor.  Being time poor is a huge part of our culture in general.  It's not often addressed, so this site has been developed to help cut down on time while you figure out how to live more sustainably.

I am creating at least ten sustainable kitchen starter kits this year that will allow any household to get started with a low waste journey.  Sustainable Starter Kits are comprised of the most important starting tools for going low waste, and an information brochure comes with it to explain how to use each item in your kitchen to reduce the waste you create.  

Green Goals Seals

What are they?

Every business that posts a seal on their door has taken a stand to find ways to limit the amount of garbage they produce at each point of sale they make. From choosing ecologically conscious products to encouraging guests to bring their own pre cleaned container, you can see where the change is being made by these Green Goals businesses.

This year, all proceeds collected from the seals are being used to create sustainable starter kits for households who want to begin a lifestyle of low waste in their kitchens.

Green Goals Seal Locations

Online Low Waste Solutions Not Listed on the Map



A slumber party rental program that allows guests to sleep in tents and enjoy a camp out feel.

email them at for more information or visit their instagram page by clicking the link below.

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not Want Not is a local business offering Green Living Consulting.

Waste Not Want Not is a local business offering Green Living Consulting in a friendly, judgement-free setting. The owner, Heather, also sells handmade, upcycled products. If you have clothing, linens, or other items that have sentimental value but that you don't know what to do with, talk to Heather about custom upcycled projects to give your belongings new life!

I am still looking for households who want to get their hands on a kit. THEY ARE FREE! Do you know who wants to tackle climate change in their household?  Nominate them by sending me a message.  These kits are for people who are serious about reducing their garbage consumption in their kitchen.

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Green Goals

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